FLUX offers a complete range of mixers for agitating, mixing, stirring or homogenizing operations within containers of 30 to 30.000 Litres. The complete range of mixers is based on a modular design, allowing the user to select the individual component parts to meet his specific requirements.

Drive motors

All drive motors are manufactured according to IEC standards. FLUX mixers do not require special drive motors - as required on many other mixing units.


Gearboxes as a matched unit to the drive motor are also manufactured according to IEC standards.

Mixing shafts

Mixing shafts are available in stainless steel 316 L (S), as well as with PVDF or PE coating. This offers a wide range of compatibility with various liquids.

Mixing blades

Mixing blades are available in PVDF and PP to perfectly suit high as well as low speed mixers.

Sealing flanges

On the motor side sealing flanges with radial shaft seals are available as a cost-effective solution.


Standardized connections ensure that all component parts within a model size are comptatible to each other. This allows to make supplements or extensions to existing FLUX mixers at any time.

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