General advantages:

  • Mobile use
    Can be moved to the drum without a crane or fork-lift truck
  • Low space requirement
    Can be transported even in lifts
  • One transfer system for different drum types
    Also suitable for conical drums
  • One transfer system for many drum diameters
    Individual designs available on request
  • Cost savings
    Efficient use of the medium and low expenditure for disposal
  • High process reliability
    due to hermetic sealing of the medium even if the transfer process is interrupted
  • Energy savings
    Usually no heating of the medium necessary
  • No structural change to the medium
    due to gentle transport
  • Easy cleaning
    as the system can quickly be dismantled
  • Flexible application
    due to flexible modular system of the individual components (pump, motor etc.)
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Special advantages of the Pharma Food Cosmetic version

  • Transfer out of conical drums even with
    aseptic bags due to double lip variant
  • Aseptic bag needs not be fixed
    due to constructional side effects
  • Resistant to aggressive cleaning agents
    due to protecting stainless steel elements
  • Can be moved in explosion hazard zone 1
    due to conductive stainless steel castors with sealed ball bearings