AdBlue® pump system for mobile tanks and submerged tanks

We recommend AdBlue® in tanks at a yearly demand of more than 5000 litres. These pumps in Polypropylene are used in filling stations where two to six fuel dispensers are to be supplied with AdBlue®. These pumps are especially made up to the customers’ requirements.

Depending on the installation by the builder of the filling station the pumps are equipped with a thread on outlet G 2 A or a bearing flange, mounting flanges in different sizes guarantee safe installation in the manhole pit. In order to obtain the requested delivery rate centrifugal impellers of either Stainless steel or PP in different sizes are available. Three-phase motors with a power of 1.5 – 5.5 kW are used.

Features and benefits:

  • Immersion lengths of up to 4 m possible
  • Inner tube with steel core, thus safe function of the mechanical seal
  • Reliable, long service life


  • Individually configured switch board with frequency converter for activating the pump(s)!
  • Different connectors such as ball valves, valves, level sensors and many more …
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