AdBlue® pump system for barrels of 220 litres

We recommend AdBlue® in barrels of 220 litres at a yearly demand of less than 2500 litres. For this, FLUX offers the following pre-configured pump kits for filling and decanting of AdBlue®.

Features and benefits:

  • Precise filling due to two speeds
  • Optimum emptying of residues
  • Sealless pump guarantees no contamination, no loss of quality
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Accessories supplied with the pump:

  • Hose connection PP
  • 2 m PVC hose DN 19
  • with lever tap of PP with
  • special outlet nozzle Ø 19 mm
  • seals FKM

Technical specifications

Pump Type:

  • Pump F 314 PP/S-32/25 in Polypropylene
  • Sealless version, shaft of Stainless steel, impellor in ETFE, outer-Ø 32 mm, connection thread G 1 A

Immersion length:

  • 1000 mm

Motor Type:

  • Commutator motor 230 Volt, 50 Hz, 230 Watt, IP 24, with 2-speed switch for sensitive filling
  • Power supply cable 5 m and 2-pole plug


  • Self-locking lever tap with magnet switch for a safe and exact filling. This switch only allows filling in connection with a magnet adapter which has to be installed into the AdBlue® filler.
  • Liquid meter FMT 50